Chinese New Year


Hi everyone

Today i wanted to talk about the wonders of Chinese New Years eve.

For all of you out there who have just spent the morning, cleaning your rooms, dusting your furnitures and washing your clothes and bedsheets to prepare for the new year. I sympathise with you. On a wonderful hot, sunny day like today what would you rather be doing? Going snorkelling down at the beach (its a 2 hour drive but thats not the point) or cleaning your house… i know which one i would prefer to be doing:-)

Why is it that I go through the frantic cleaning up phase on this particular day just because its Chinese new years eve? Why is that later this evening i’m going to be spending a small fortune on taking out my family and friends to celebrate an event that i don’t really even believe in?

Its for my mum, i guess in my own small way this is the way that i show her respect and to show her that i care. Presents are not really something that she likes to have and every time i buy her something she looks at me as if i don’t really know her and why did i bother. Its true of course, i don’t really know her but how can you get to know someone with whom you’ve only ever spent roughly two weeks with every six months for the last 15 years?? (its the 2 weeks every six month time again)

So i guess in my own way, I’m going to the effort so i can show my mum that i care. And to be perfectly honest its been a while since i cleaned my rooms and things so its about time 🙂 a good excuse you might say! In terms of the expensive meal tonight, I think I’m actually looking forward to being able to treat my mum to dinner at a restaurant because she likes that sort of thing and its easier and probably going to be more rewarding then me spending hours trying to find her a present which she won’t like. Besides who wouldn’t want to eat crab 🙂


Now down to the reason why we go through this cleaning frenzy every Chinese new year. From my understanding its to make sure that all the bad luck from the year before is washed away so that you can start the new year on a clean slate. Mum passes out these silver coins and tells my sister and I to put them in our purses. She has also given me this pumpkin looking thing to hang on the top of my bed. It doesn’t matter that the pumpkin looking thing doesn’t match the colour or the room setup, its supposed to ward away evil demons and bad luck. I don’t believe or even follow the concepts that my mother believes in, but i do believe in making life easier for myself and over the last 15 years I’ve finally realised that its just easier to accept whatever crazy ideas she has to make my mum happy. Why you may ask?? well again its just to make her happy and show her how much i care. I guess i just don’t care enough either way to make a big fuss out of it.

Regardless the cleaning is long due, the restaurant tonight is going to be tasty, the company is going to be nice and i guess overall doing something nice for someone else in my family is a good thing 🙂


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