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My First Blog

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Hi there

I have recently been introduced to the world of blogging. Not an experienced blogger by any stretch of the imagination. I am a complete newbie and proud of it. After all how can you be experienced without having conquered the newbie status. In fact I am so new that I am still having difficulties finding the right blog sites to entertain me. Luckily my boyfriend who is a keen reader of blogs and who has dabbled in the art of blogging, gave me a few sites to look at and read so I now have a grand total of 2 sites to read, so any suggestions are welcome.

I must say that since reading this one particular site I have found myself increasingly interested in reading more and finding more sites that will hopefully encourage, motivate and allow me to move forward and develop that part of me that is just itching to come out and experience life. I am a mouse and anyone who has read Steve’s article The Courage To Live Consciously will understand what I am talking about.

I am hoping that by writing out my thoughts, fears and anything else that I feel like that I will be getting rid of the mouse and that I can grow into the courageous human being that I know I am capable of being. I also hope that for those who have thought about beginning that rode to self discovery and personal development that they will find support and encouragement here on this site.

So it was nice introducing myself to you and i hope that you enjoy the ramblings of a person who wants to improve and become the living, breathing, courageous human being that i can be.